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gebrauchte gitarren are used. they have been played, which has given the wood, especially the neck of the instruments, the possibility to swing in and you can feel and hear that. unplayed guitars often seem stiff or cool to me and initially defend themselves a little.

what bothers me is that nowadays you throw away so much good instead of repairing it. giving instruments a second chance is my job.

the guitars you will find here are so-called beginner instruments. usually such guitars have rarely seen a stage and have grown up in the living room, always treated with care.

but because exactly these beginner instruments cannot be used at all for beginners due to their bad work attitude or a neck that is quite unkind due to price pressure reasons, they sadly often become the reason to give up playing the guitar.

because I don't want it to go on like this, i reappraise these - partly in almost new condition - instruments as they deserve and make them playable for entry, re-entry or as a second or third guitar. in case of doubt, the guitars have never been so good. this is also called a win win win situation.

all instruments are technically and electrically tested and reworked, cleaned and polished. in most cases, the neck is trained, because this is simply a lot of use in this price range. the neck is adjusted, string position and octave purity are of course also, everything is adjusted to 10" strings as standard, the saddle notches are checked and if necessary filed down. then comes the most beautiful and important thing for me - i play three days on the instrument and adjust it optimally, test drive must be.


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